The Pine Martin: Its adorableness calls to you…

So you’re a college graduate with degree in hand, but at the moment you can’t pursue your dream of researching the European pine martin because you’re working at a minimum wage job trying to pay back the massive, crushing debt you owe your alma mater. Even worse, your current employment is in no way related to your field of study. Why did you spend four year earning a bachelors in veterinary science if not to work with animals?!

As many graduates already know and current students are quickly discovering, college debt is no laughing matter. With the national student debt rising by $3,000 a second, thousands of degree-holders are wondering how in the world they are going to pay for their education.

But what if you could get people to help you pay for your tuition? And what if you got to decide how you were going to earn their money?

Enter Piglt, a website enabling you to do exactly that. “Education’s entrepreneurial piggy bank”, Piglt is made up of “Dreamers” pursuing any kind of higher education and “Believers” who help the Dreamers reach their goals.

With Piglt, you get to tell your story, make a video, showcase your portfolio or resume, and ask others to help you pay for your education. But here’s the best part: You decide what you’re going to give in return for the Believers’ financial support. The possibilities are limited only by your skill and imagination. Say you’re a part time Kung-Fu instructor getting a degree in dentistry, you could offer private Kung-Fu lessons in return for Believers’ contributions. Or maybe you could help them stage a choreographed Kung-Fu battle at their 8-year-old’s birthday.

You can give away your massive hand-crafted snow globe collection to your backers one by one, you can write raps about the subject of their choice, bake them peppermint chocolate-chip cookies, build them a rocking chair, make them a personal animated short, ANYTHING you can come up with in return for their support. Chances are, the more interesting, creative, or compelling your rewards, the more Believers will want to be a part of your dream.

Let’s take things one step further. Not only are you doing something creative and interesting to pay for college, but you’re also gaining expertise through the incentives you promise. You’re earning money to pay for music school, so get some experience by teaching private lessons, writing songs, and performing for your Believers.

That’s the true genius of Piglt – it’s left up to you to decide how you’re going to earn your education. You have the opportunity to make the way you pay for school a part of your dream, you can use your unique skill set to pursue your goals. Go give someone’s dog a check-up so you can run with the pine martins.

It sure beats the hell out of flipping burgers.

Dream it, Believe it, Piglt.

The Piglt Team,

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