Getting laid off is awesome. And it is lame too. But it's mostly lame.

Let me back up. Hello. My name is Megan. I’m 28 years old and have a lot of student loan debt. Did I mention I am currently unemployed as well? Awesome, I know. I live in West LA, have a degree from a very well respected private university, live off the $450 a week I get from unemployment, look and apply for jobs daily, and I’m being consumed by ever present thought of interest gathering on my deferred student loans. I am also struggling to stay busy with all the free time I was blessed with when I was laid off.

Like I said, getting laid off has its benefits and drawbacks.

The upside: I have the opportunity to find a new career direction with a company, whose company values align with my own personal values. The only problem with finding this whole new career direction and position with above mention-company is being patient. Patience is not one of my virtues, but I am working diligently on integrating it into my professional life as well as when I am driving along the 405 or anywhere in LA for that matter.

The downside: the stability of a paycheck. The power of the paycheck is motivation enough for many to stay at a company where your senses of self and well being are slowly eroded. The whole crying in the bathroom at work (yes, I was that girl) or wondering what you are doing with your life, while using an industrial air mover to get the rotting Bog of Eternal Stench aroma out of the office because a coworker decided to store a compost box under his desk, will continue to happen because of that biweekly check is too good to give up.

The upside: catching up on sleep. Sleep, you are awesome. I’m so much more pleasant and nicer to people when we’ve hung out for more than 4 hours at a time. Those atrocious and scary black bags under my eyes are gone. You make me warm and happy like a giant fuzzy yellow hug from the sun.

The downside: My monthly income is less than half of what I made, which means limited adventures, vacations and all around fun. I hear some of you, “But Megan, you can do x, y and z for free.” Yes, yes, you can. However, I live in LA and it cost money for transportation, parking and anything you can be charged for. It even costs money to take a picture with a random movie character on Hollywood Boulevard. If you do not pay money to said character, you will be verbally abused and pushed. I will not let my self esteem or self respect be daunted by a Spiderman swearing at me. I also cannot afford to buy a Green Goblin costume to wear in order to combat and avenge said Spiderman’s actions. (Note to self: antique Spiderman’s car).

As I digress on "fun-employment", I must get back to reviewing the thousands of job posts on Monster, Facebook stalking my ex, retweeting quotes by other people and watching “Spring Breakers” starring Riff-Raff. I mean James Franco...

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