Creativity + Training = Student Loan Crusher

How are YOU going to combat student loans?

These days, getting a four-year undergraduate degree is simply not enough. You need to get the degree as well as have internships, be involved in extracurriculars and make connections – all while also having a job to help pay the bills. It’s multitasking at its finest, and sometimes you need to get creative with how to balance it all.

Why, then, shouldn’t you get creative with how to afford it all? Everyone has something they are good at, so why not turn that hobby into another way to combat student loans?

That’s where Piglt comes in. Suddenly, jamming on the guitar, doodling in your notebook and knitting your seventh scarf in a week won’t seem like time wasted when you could be finding a job. Channel that talent into a marketable skill – offer guitar lessons or play in a wedding band, or create a piece of artwork or knitted item to give away.

These offered skills are called your incentives, and they give reason for others to invest in you and your future. They should always be something you know you can deliver – don’t promise to paint something when you’ve never painted before – and make your incentives unique to you and creative.

Once you’ve determined your incentives, think of how to market them. Again, they should be portrayed creatively, so as to give viewers reason to remember you and want to invest. Then, make a video – just two minutes or less – that shares your story and incentives. There’s a reason Piglt calls you the dreamer and your investors the believers – explain why your dreams are worth believing in. Share it with everyone you know, and start getting yourself one step closer to make those dreams reality.

Remember, even the smallest donation is a move forward. Just look at the success of other crowd funding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Users promote projects that they would like to create, and other users donate money. It takes multiple donators, but eventually, the projects get funded and the dream becomes a reality.

The most recent study on student loans by the Project on Student Debt reports that students graduated in 2011 with an average of $26,600 into an economy where the Labor Department reports the unemployment rate as 13.1 percent for 18-29 year olds – much higher than the national rate of 7.7 percent. How are you going to navigate that dismal reality? Join Piglt today.

Dream it, Believe it, Piglt.

The Piglt Team,

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