Are you excited? -- We are!

You’re one step closer to reaching your dreams!

Here are some things you should get started on NOW –- don't wait or you’ll be late.

Create Your Campaign Video – a video is a requirement for your Dreamer Campaign.


-- Average length of a successful video is 2 minutes or less

-- If Believers ‘bail’ from watching a video, they tend to do so in the first 20-30 seconds. So make sure you hook them early!

-- Think about the content for the body of your Campaign
-- This is the part to explain more about your Campaign and why you're on PIGLT
-- Tell people about yourself, your ambitions and your awesomeness.
-- But, do not forget to also tell them how you intend on achieving these goals.


-- Make sure you are able to deliver your promised incentives

-- Your Incentives should be unique to you, creative, and memorable
-- For example, an artist can give drawing lessons or paint something.
-- If you have a skill or talent, don’t forget that these can be utilized here.
-- Legal or accounting services?
-- Wedding Singer?
-- Magician?

Create Buzz Before Launching:

-- Brainstorm other links that will be helpful and explain more about you (LinkedIn, A Project Portfolio, Your Resume, Your Company Website, etc.)

-- Let your Alumni Association, Social Media Networks, Friends and Family all know about PIGLT and what you're trying to do

-- Have a few Believers ready to support your Dreamer Campaign
-- These are friends, & family that you KNOW will contribute
-- Projecting success will inspire other Believers to join in

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Dream it. Believe it.,

The Piglt Team

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