Piglt on Charity Meets Style

If you live a philanthropic lifestyle and are inspired by coverage of philanthropic people, businesses and brands as they relate to all aspects of a well-rounded woman’s lifestyle: fashion, beauty, design, entertaining, wedding, food, family, entertainment, travel, news and events, chances are you've read about these things on the site Charity Meets Style.

We are excited to have been recently featured on Charity Meets Style for our partnership with the Give Back Yoga Foundation!

Here's a little teaser...

"In a world ran by technology, things are constantly changing. How movies,businesses, web series, and even non profit organizations are funded has completely changed. The traditional route is still in place, but sites such as Indiegogo, Go Fund Me, and Kickstarter have been making waves by allowing people to ask for funding for projects that are in the works. Then there is Piglt, an LA based startup that’s making an impact for education and community-based causes. They are currently helping to raise funds for the organization The Give Back Yoga Foundation..."

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