Ah, Look At All The Lonely People

You clutch a faded slip of paper in your hand, the number 54 printed on it in dark, unfeeling typeface. The loud speaker above you crackles and coughs to life, dryly wheezes out “thirty-seven”, and dies again into silence. An exhausted, bleary-eyed student gets up from the fading grey chair next to you and ventures with trepidation into the labyrinth of cubicles that is your university’s financial aid office. You know this place well; you’ve been here to go over your loans and financial status countless times.

It’s easy to see how you might feel disconnected and overlooked at a school where they’ve seen your financial records and still asked you to pay more than your family might earn in a year. You’re working hard to earn your college degree, but are you going to be able to pay for it when you graduate? More and more schools are starting to seem less like a center for higher education and more like a degree factory, putting the quantity of graduates per year over the quality of the education and experience they’re providing their students.

So what do you do? You need both personal and financial support as you take the steps toward post-college independence. Luckily, Piglt is here to help.

With Piglt, you can reach out to the people around you – family, friends, mentors, your community – and ask for their help in following your dreams and paying for your education. You get to tell your story to people who will listen and, if they like what they hear, will want to be a part of your journey. In return for goods and services you offer as incentives, these “Believers” send money to the institution you attend via Piglt. Sharing your hopes and extending a hand for aid is a personal, intimate exchange that can be hard to find at a crowded university. Unlike the financial aide officer assigned to help you with your loan today, the Believers who support you know who you are, who you aspire to be, and the help you need to get there.

Piglt makes the experience of paying for your education more hands-on and personal. As you pursue your dream of studying music, law, or accounting, you can use the skills you’re developing to earn the support of your Believers. The system works by giving back your education to those around you – teaching music lessons, giving legal advice, and balancing check books in return for direct, personal financial support you won’t typically find in a university administration.

And how much more personal can you get? Opening your heart and hands to others, offering to do or create something unique and personal in return for their help in pursuing your dreams? If you build it, they will come. If they believe it, you can achieve it.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, maybe it takes Believers to get that child through college.

Dream it, Believe it, Piglt.

The Piglt Team,

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