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Education's Entrepreneurial Piggy Bank

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Achieve your dream

Easily raise money for any education-related cause (nonprofits, schools, tuition, student loan debt, etc.)!

Piglt helps you achieve your fundraising goals by providing:

  • A home for education-related causes to easily raise money
  • The tools to effectively reach your community
  • A technological upgrade to current fundraising efforts
  • An instant professional and support network
  • Access to people who share your passions

Believe in Change

Help anyone with an education-related cause to easily raise money!

Contributing to a fundraising campaign allows you to:

  • Tangibly see the impact of your generosity
  • Connect with Alumni of your Alma Mater
  • Help Nonprofits and Causes you are passionate about
  • Engage in instant mentorship opportunities
  • Receive creative incentives

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